Hectic Holidays

As the end of the year approaches it seems as if time is speeding up for so many. *Blink* Halloween has passed *Blink* Thanksgiving is upon us *Blink* the end of the semester is around the corner *Blink* Winter has arrived *Blink* Happy New Year

With all of this barreling down many begin to feel stressed, increased anxiety and for some crippling feelings of overwhelm.

How do we avoid this? Honestly time will keep on passing us by no matter what we do, but it doesn’t have to so stressful. It sounds silly, but BREATHE.

Breath is the basis of movement. When we start to stress our bodies stop moving, this includes our breath. When we stop breathing our bodies are not getting enough Oxygen and every system in our body works less efficiently (1). (Never mind the whole when you don’t breathe you fall over.)

Breathing, specifically diaphragmatic breathing, has been proven to decrease cortisol 2, 3.  Diaphragmatic breathing is taking a deep breath all the way to the bottom of your lungs and filling them completely with air. Cortisol is the hormone your body releases when you are stressed. Be aware too much Cortisol can kill you 4, 5, 6!

The solution to not letting the holidays and stress kill you: BREATHE!

Some of the best things about breathing are 1) You can do it anywhere. (You can breathe with a goat, on a boat, in the rain, on a train, in a car…here or there literally anywhere) 2) No one knows you are doing it 3) It is FREE!!

So when the momentum is barreling down on you and life is getting hectic. Try not to freeze, breathe deeply.

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