Waiting Room Gallery Artist

Each month Equilibrium is excited to host a different local artist in our waiting room gallery.

April 2021 Makayla Perkins

April 2021 artist

Makayla is a Northern Colorado based artist who loves to do art in her free time. The pieces in this collection are watercolors. Her works are not for sale at this time. 

March 2021 Machiah Brewer


Machiah a 19 year old artist working on figuring out life and what not. He does mostly drawings in ink, charcoal, and graphite but also likes painting and photography as well. He is hoping to also explore more 3 dimensional media such as ceramics and contemporary sculpture. Sometimes he sell prints of his art. Machiah also does commissions. If interested you can email machaihbrewr@gmail.com or send a message on Instagram @machiah_brewer

February 2021 Kerigan Phillips 

KErigan art 2-2021

Kerigan is a Loveland native who is having her 2nd showing in the Waiting Room Gallery. This exhibition features paintings done by Kerigan in the past year. These pieces are for sale by contacting the artist at kerigan.phillips02@gmail.com.


There was no Artist for December 2020 or January 2021 due to closure of the waiting room due to Covid-19 restrictions.

November 2020 Jordan Hull


Jordan is a Northern Colorado Senior who utilizes a vareity of art mediums and techniques. The showing in the gallery this month features acrylic on canvas with embordery.

October 2020 Aaron Smith

20201002_193129Aaron Smith is 13 years old & a self-taught artist. His favorite mediums include watercolor painting & drawing but sculpture is also fun. He’s loved to draw ever since he was 4 & he still does! Letting others see his art & then be excited & happy about it makes him super happy because He enjoys when people enjoy the work that he puts out! 🙂 He hopes you enjoy his art!

September 2020 M.D. Lee

20200911_161302 (1)

M.D. Lee is a Loveland based multimedia fine artist. Her work varies from realistic to surreal. She enjoys utilizing multiple elements, such as stones, mirrors and multiple painting techniques at once in her works. She is a September birthday and is excited to share her work in the Waiting Room Gallery to celebrate. She is hosting a silent auction in the office ending on 9/30/2020 for the pieces on display.  Find her work online here: https://mariannadundas.wixsite.com/mdlee-artdesign/artwork 

September 2020 Autumn Johnson


Autumn is 12 years old and in 7th grade. She has drawn ever since she could hold a pencil. She loves cosplaying with her friends and expressing herself through art. Her dream is to be a professional artist and make a living off her creations. She is obsessed with Japanese culture and anime hence why she drew the Eastern Dragon and the Cat Yoki. She is also participating in Loveland’s Pastels on 5th for the 2nd year in a row. You can vote for her here: https://pastelson5th.org/vote (She is artist #68) Her artwork is not for sale at this time.

August 2020 Artist had to cancel 

July 2020 Jessica Garramone


Thrifty Gryphon is the creator of bracelets, handmade gifts, and more from repurposed materials and the creativity of the mind. The owner, Jessica Garramone, has always been a creative person and enjoys arts and crafts of all varieties. She began Thrifty Gryphon as a way to continue to create and to join in the convention and festival community that she so enjoys. Through Thrifty Gryphon, she has made many “con friends” and has continued to enjoy creating. Thrifty Gryphon specializes in leather jewelry, upcycled boxes, and painted glass. However, Jessica creates so much more. She loves painting, pottery, and building with Lego. Showcased here are a couple of her paintings along with some from Thrifty Gryphon guest artists who donate their art to support Jessica in her business dream. Her wares are available for purchase at  http://www.thriftygryphon.com she can be reached at jessica@thriftygryphon.com

June 2020 Adriana Moore


Adriana is a Senior at Central High School. She has been doing art since she could pick up a pencil, trying to master mixed media from color pencil to water color, her favorite being graphite. The collection she is sharing this month is hyper realistic in style. Overall her art is her passion and she hopes to develop her skills even more through her journey her works are not for sale at this time.

May 2020 H.C. Stillson


H.C. Stillson is a 7th grader in Loveland Colorado. His preferred style of art is Zen Tangle, though he enjoys a variety of mediums, especially cosplay. He also plays trumpet and is a Star ranked Boy Scout. He has shown artwork in the Thompson Valley School District office aft show in the past. His works are not for sale at this time. 

April 2020 Megan Rich

MeganMegan is an 8th grader who live in Loveland. She prefers using pencils be they colored or graphite for her artwork. She loves Furries. They are her favorite thing to draw and her favorite color is purple. Her artwork is not available for sale at this time.

March 2020 Delaney Williams20200311_170654

Delaney has been creating art for the past 5 years. Her inspirations for starting drawing is her older sister and the art style of Japanese Anime. She is 16 year old Northern Colorado 10th grader. Most of her art work is from her art class at school. If you are interested in purchasing any of Delaney’s items she can be reached via email at williamsdelaney475@gmail.com

February 2020 Kerigan Phillips20200202_104605

Kerigan Phillips is 18 years old and lives here in Loveland, Colorado. Each piece that’s on the walls has been taken/Painted in Loveland, because she wants to show the beauty of her home, as she see it.  The items she has chosen to display offer nature’s beauty. She enjoys capturing different aspects of real life, like it’s realistic details, whether it’s sunsets, animals, open land, night or day, or even  imaginary things, each of her pieces capture natures real views in a more creative aspect. She love enhancing color, whether it’s Photoshop or brightening colors with paint.  She has been painting/taking photos for four years now, enjoys capturing realistic views.

January 2020 Alex Tankersley

ruka artist pic

Alex Tankersley has been creating 1 thing or another with any medium he can get his hands on since before he could remember. His favorite mediums are paint & brush-tip markers. He has amassed a portion toward a BFA degree with an emphasis in Illustration & hopes to finish in the future. His works tend to be an extension of things he wants to say, for which he can’t quite find the words. He dabbles in Disability & LGBTQ+ Positive messages & anything with a cat on it.  He enjoys partnering with other talents to host classes with an artistic bent. He has experimented with videography  &  tutorials. For originals or any questions, please contact Alex Tankersley directly at: (970)692-1327 Prices are a starting point, & negotiable, if you really love a piece please call.  https://www.facebook.com/mymarkstudio/  https://www.instagram.com/my_mark_studio/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQbdRu33z9R8Tql7S7gTKWw?view_as=subscriber     Prints for sale at Store Envy: https://www.storenvy.com/stores/961171-my-mark-studio

December 2019 Mildred Toepfer


Mildred is based out of Loveland Colorado and works with a variety of medias that range from traditional acrylic paints to digital painting to unconventional choices such as chalk mixed with glue.  Mildred artwork takes inspiration from stories, nature, and the magical bits hiding in the mundane.    You can find her artwork by searching for Mab the Fey on Facebook or http://www.Society6.com/mabthefey 

November 2019 Julia 


Julia is 18, a recent high school graduate, and has been creating art as long as she can remember. This past year she took an AP Studio Art Class that challenged her beyond what she thought was possible and that is where most of the pieces she is showing came from She is still experimenting with different media and subject matter just trying to find her style. She hopes you enjoy her pieces and remember to never stop creating. 

October 2019 Anna Pieruccini

1.jpgAnna Pieruccini is a local mixed media artist who takes inspiration from the fantastical realms of steampunk, fairy tales, and folk lore. Her ornately detailed work features images such as anthropomorphic animals, skulls, and mythological creatures. You can find her work at http://www.facebook.com/eyeofsphinx or follow her on Instagram/forgottenmoon9 She also sells at her wears at various local conventions and festivals, see her Facebook page for details on where she will be next!

September 2019 M.D. Lee AND Autumn Johnson


M. D. Lee

M.D. Lee is a Loveland based multimedia fine artist. Her work varies from realistic to surreal. She enjoys utilizing multiple elements, such as stones, mirrors and multiple painting techniques at once in her works. She is a September birthday and is excited to share her work in the Waiting Room Gallery to celebrate. Find her work here: https://mariannadundas.wixsite.com/mdlee-artdesign/artwork  She will be at the Bizarre Bazaar on November 30th in Loveland if you wish to purchase items in person.


Autumn Johnson

Autumn is a Loveland middle school student who takes inspiration for her art from folklore, the furry fandom, steampunk, popular anime such as Pokemon and the natural world.  Her work evokes a sense of wonder and magic, that translates to all ages. This is Autumn’s 1st showing in a gallery. Her work is not available online at this time.

August 2019- Fort Collins Comic Con


Fort Collins Comic Con is A fun, locally-organized, affordable Con experience in Northern Colorado to encourage children’s literacy and increase access to art, culture, and local creators in our community. It has been going on for five years strong and Fort Collins Comic Con has donated $95,000 over the last four years for the Poudre River Public Library District by bringing together thousands of geeks, pop-culture enthusiasts, gamers, fans, artists, writers, creators, cosplayers, and more into the Northside Aztlan Community Center.

Tickets for this year’s convention are available https://www.fococomiccon.com/get/fc3-badges-2019/

July 2019- Kai Frawg

KAi cover pic

Kai is a conceptual fine art photographer who creates work with a painted quality. She is strongly influenced by the works of Brooke Shaden and Jennifer Thoreson. Kai is currently working on over 20 new pieces for her followers. Most of her work has a dream-like fantasy feel. She wants her viewers to be engaged in each scene, to be drawn into each moment. She is originally from the Oregon coast, but currently lives in Loveland, Colorado with her special needs son and her fiancé.

https://kaifrawg.com                      https://www.facebook.com/KaiFrawgFineArt/